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Valuing and governing tree and forest ecosystem services

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Home research Valuing and governing tree and forest ecosystem services

This on-going research programme provides new insights into how to recognise and understand the value of ecosystem services (the goods and benefits) provided by trees and forests. This work aims to inform policy-makers and practitioners, helping them make decisions about tree and forest management in urban and rural areas.

The programme is being delivered by Forest Research, with guidance from representatives from across Great Britain.



Research objectives

This research falls under three objectives:

  • To develop and apply methods and tools for valuing the range of forest ecosystem services and benefits, and integrating different values
  • To understand and advise on the development of mechanisms (including governance arrangements) to deliver forest ecosystem services
  • To analyse changes in values for forest ecosystem services under a range of scenarios to inform management and woodland creation.


The research programme focuses on three key areas corresponding to the research objectives. Information and links to further details from the individual projects are provided for each topic:

1. Valuing tree and forest ecosystem services

2. Mechanisms to deliver tree and forest ecosystem services

3. Changes in tree and forest ecosystem service values



Research Status
Science group leader
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Funding & partners
  • Scottish Forestry, Forestry Commission England and Natural Resources Wales