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Delivering Resilient Forests

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Resilient forests are important if our trees are to cope better with changing environmental conditions and threats from pests and diseases.

A major emphasis of the 2014 Science and Innovation Strategy for Forestry in Great Britain was on developing practical solutions to help land managers to create more resilient forests.

Responding to this, a programme of research investigating how we can deliver resilient forests, is being carried out by Forest Research in collaboration with a wide range of partner organisations.

Research objectives

To produce evidence that guides decision-making around four central challenges:

  1. How can we maintain ecosystem services and biodiversity whilst achieving resilience?
  2. What are the properties of trees we are likely to grow for increased resilience?
  3. How do we design, cultivate and manage adaptive, resilient and productive woodlands?
  4. What is the impact of pests and diseases on the creation and retention of forests?

Research and advice is focussed on the following topics:

  1. Planning and management to deliver forest ecosystem resilience
  2. Silviculture and resilient forests
  3. Species and resilient forests
  4. Integrated weed, pest and disease management
  5. Resilient urban forests
  6. Managing pest and disease threats



Our Involvement

Forest Research led the management and delivery of this programme of research.

Delivering Resilient Forests
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Delivering Resilient Forests
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Funding & partners
  • Forestry Commission (GB) provided the core funding for this programme. Funding for additional related research was provided by a number of other organisations.