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    The influence of climate change on forest insect pests in Britain

    Lead Author: David Wainhouse
    Predicting future risks of damage by insect pests is an important aspect of forest management. Climate change has the potential to affect forest pests and their impact on trees through higher temperatures, altered precipitation patterns, and more frequent extreme weather events. Warmer temperatures are likely to have complex effects on insects, influencing, among other things, […]
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    No seed zone effects on the survival, growth, and stem form of Pacific silver fir in Britain

    Lead Author: Gary Kerr
    Long-term research finds Pacific silver fir has great potential as a forestry species in Britain With our climate changing and an increasing range of pests and diseases affecting trees in Britain, it is important forest managers diversify the tree species they plant and use a wider range of forest management systems (e.g. continuous cover forestry). Pacific silver […]
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    Forestry and Water Quality

    Research to understand woodland-water interactions to reduce diffuse pollution and improve water quality
  • Publications

    Climate change adaptation strategies in a fragmented landscape

    Lead Author: Nicholas Synes
    A multi-species modelling approach to examine the impact of alternative climate change adaptation strategies on range shifting ability in a fragmented landscape This paper describes research to test the effects of varying ‘climate change adaptation strategies’ on the ability of different animals to move through the landscape in response to changing climatic conditions. The adaptation strategies […]
  • Publications

    Adapting Scotland’s forests to climate change using an action expiration chart

    Lead Author: Michal Petr
    New decision-making tool helps ecosystem services to adapt to the potential impact of climate change on Scottish forests In a paper published in Environmental Research Letters Michal Petr and colleagues investigate the impacts of future climate change on forest ecosystem services in Scotland and describe a new approach to supporting adaptation decisions in forestry. To sustain forests […]
  • Publications

    Thinning control (2015)

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    This Field Guide provides guidance on the control of volume to be removed when marking a thinning and a guide to thinning yields. There are four sections: the first describes the yield class system and how yield class is assessed in a stand. The second covers thinning practice, including the type, intensity and cycle of […]
  • Research

    Woodland and Natural Flood Management

    Review of research, demonstration and monitoring projects, involving the implementation of woodland measures in the context of natural flood management, undertaken in the UK since 2000.
  • Research

    Integrated optimal rotation length modelling

    Optimal rotation length model, which accounts for timber production and climate change mitigation (in terms of carbon benefits) and adaptation (in terms of windthrow risks), is developed.
  • Research

    Opportunity mapping for targeting grant aid for water benefits

    Brief introduction to the targeting of Countryside Stewardship woodland capital grants in England
  • Publications

    Effects of urban density on carbon dioxide exchanges

    Lead Author: H.C. Ward
    Carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas contributing to global climate change. This paper quantifies the size of carbon dioxide flows between the land and the atmosphere in 1) a woodland at Alice Holt in Surrey, 2) a suburban site in Swindon and 3) an urban site in central London. The paper shows […]
  • Publications

    Action for the Environment on Scotland’s National Forest Estate

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission (Scotland)
    Action for the Environment on Scotland's National Forest Estate describes just some of the recent work we have been doing to ensure that our natural and cultural heritage is protected, conserved and enhanced.
  • Publications

    Behavioural policy ‘nudges’ to encourage woodland creation for climate change mitigation

    Lead Author: Darren Moseley
    Evidence indicates that woodland creation is generally a cost-effective method of climate change mitigation, when compared with a range of alternatives. However, engaging landowners and land managers in woodland creation schemes can sometimes prove difficult, and this affects prospects for meeting national woodland planting targets and associated climate change mitigation objectives. Although reluctance to plant […]