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    [Archive] A new series of windthrow monitoring areas in upland Britain

    Lead Author: C.P. Quine
    This Paper discusses a network of eight windthrow monitoring areas together with reference anemometers and wind vanes which have been established in forests in remote upland areas of Britain. The sites chosen will allow study of the onset and progression of windthrow in productive plantations. Details of the associated wind climate will also be obtained. […]
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    [Archive] The 1987 storm: impacts and responses

    Lead Author: A.J. Grayson (Ed)
    The storm which struck south-east England on the night of 15/16 October 1987 was the worst in the region since 1703: it caused more damage to woodlands and trees than any other recorded gale in Britain. Some 4 million cubic metres of timber were blown, equivalent to about 5 years’ cut in the seven worst […]
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    [Archive] Air pollution and forestry

    Lead Author: J.L. Innes
    The aim of this Bulletin is to summarise the current information available on the interactions between air pollution and forests. While it is primarily concerned with Great Britain, air pollution is an international problem, so information from other countries has been included. Pollution from point sources, such as aluminium smelters and brickworks, has not been […]
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    [Archive] Windblow of Scottish forests in January 1968

    Lead Author: B.W. Holtham (Ed)
    A very severe westerly gale blew across central Scotland in the early hours of 15 January 1968. This report describes damage it did to forests and tells how representatives of the private woodland owners, the home timber trade and the Forestry Commission, appointed to an advisory committee called the Windblow Action Group, appraised and advised […]
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    [Archive] Thinning control in British woodlands

    Lead Author: R.T. Bradley
    Thinning control in British woodlands
  • Publications

    Report on Forest Research for the year ended March, 1960

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    The report of Forest Research for the year ending March 1959. The report includesIntroductionSummary of the year’s workPart i Reports of work carried out by Forestry Commission research staff-Forest tree seed investigations -Nursery investigations -Silvicultural investigations in the forest: (a) south and central England and Wales (b) Scotland and northern England-Provenance studies -Poplars and elms […]
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    [Archive] Shelterbelts and microclimate

    Lead Author: J.M. Caborn
    This bulletin discusses the effects which shelterbelts of trees exert on the microclimates of their adjacent regions. Part one consists of a review of available scientific evidence concerning such effects and their influence on agricultural yields and forestry practice. Part two deals with a critical survey of research procedure in connexion with microclimatological investigations of […]