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    Trees Outside of Woodland: An exploration of social and cultural values

    A photo essay based on interviews with 16 arts and humanities practitioners and academics, focusing on their relationship with Trees Outside of Woodland. Key themes that emerge include childhood memories and experiences, emotional connections and the interconnectedness of humans and nature.
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    Trees and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Lead Author: Dr Emma White
    A secondary analysis of data from an online, UK representative survey, in-depth interviews and photo elicitation was used to investigate the terms people use to describe trees and places with trees, the importance of trees to perceptions of naturalness and nature connection, and whether trees were associated with greater wellbeing.
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    Review of the Forest Trapping Network Year One Rollout 2022

    Lead Author: Alice Walker
    The Forest Trapping Network (FTN) forms a major part of GB’s Future Surveillance Plan (FSP). The FSP is a Great Britain-wide, broad-spectrum strategy to monitor quarantine and priority insect pests of forests included in the Plant Health (Phytosanitary Conditions) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020. The FSP outlines several survey techniques which target species on the […]
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    Increasing tree cover on dairy farms in England: The role of farmers’ values

    Lead Author: Maddy Pearson
    This Research Report explores the issues that matter to dairy farmers in England regarding trees and increasing tree cover on farms. It looks beyond financial considerations to explore the other factors which guide and shape farmer attitudes and behaviours in this area. Understanding the range of values held by farmers in relation to trees allows […]
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    Welsh Plant Health Surveillance Network Programme: 2022 Review

    Lead Author: Racheal Lee
    This document describes and reports on the first year of activities undertaken for the Welsh Plant Health Surveillance Network (WPHSN), a ground-breaking Welsh Government funded project to monitor native and invasive pests and pathogens that may pose a threat to health of plants and trees across Wales.
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    Revised valuation of flood regulation services of existing forest cover to inform natural capital accounts.

    Lead Author: Samantha Broadmeadow
    The ability of trees, woodlands and forests to reduce downstream flooding is increasingly recognised and valued by society, driving a demand for assessments of this important ecosystem service. This study updates a previous evaluation (Broadmeadow et al., 2018) with improved estimates for the volume of flood water potentially removed by woodland or retained by its […]
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    Engagement with Nature and Covid-19 Restrictions

    Lead Author: Liz O’Brien
    Report from a study exploring people’s connection with trees, woodlands and wider nature before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. An online survey ran from mid June until the end of July 2020. This publication reports on the findings of the survey.
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    Values, management and pest and disease threats associated with ash: A review

    This report reviews and summarises some of the key evidence from around the world on values associated with ash trees, and the management decisions about both ash dieback and emerald ash borer. The evidence on values focuses on historical, social and cultural values while the parts on management decisions looks at actual decisions taken as […]
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    Why society needs nature

    This was a joint collaborative piece of work between Natural Resources Wales, Forest Research, Natural England, NatureScot and the Environment Agency. It aimed to bring together and summarise research conducted in each organisation concerning how people, both adults and children, visited green and blue natural spaces during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and their experiences […]
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    Opportunities to use woodland measures for Natural Flood Management in Whinlatter Forest: Scoping Report

    Lead Author: Huw Thomas
    The Forest Design Plan for Whinlatter is currently under review and a new aspirations map has been produced. This includes measures such as habitat creation and proposed extensions to the mountain bike trail network. In addition to these proposals, measures to reduce the community flood risk have been considered; such as soft engineering features (leaky […]
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    Opportunities to use woodland measures for Natural Flood Management (NFM) in the Derwent Catchment: Scoping Report

    Lead Author: Huw Thomas
    Forest Research was commissioned by Forestry England to carry out a desk-based GIS exercise to determine the potential opportunities of implementing NFM measures in 4 forest areas in the Derwent Catchment. The study focused on the Parkwood Isel, Howgill and Messengermire, Setmurthy and Matterdale forest areas. A desk-based GIS exercise was carried out by Forest Research […]
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    Influencing behaviour for resilient treescapes: Rapid Evidence Assessment

    Lead Author: Bianca Ambrose-Oji
    The Rapid Evidence Assessment considers the following: The impact of policy tools – grants, subsidies, programmes, provision of advice – on the response of land managers to tree pests and diseases The potential of formal networks to act as disseminators of information and knowledge, and mediators of change.