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This report reviews and summarises some of the key evidence from around the world on values associated with ash trees, and the management decisions about both ash dieback and emerald ash borer. The evidence on values focuses on historical, social and cultural values while the parts on management decisions looks at actual decisions taken as well as potential decisions, including what influences such decisions. The report concludes by highlighting areas where further evidence is needed, namely the motivations of different stakeholders to carry out actions to mitigate ash dieback and emerald ash borer, and likely acceptability of management options for emerald ash borer in the UK


PDF, 1.07 MB

Citation: Hall, C., Robinson, J., Marzano, M., O'Brien, L., Karlsdóttir, B. & Dyke, A. (2021). Values, management and pest and disease threats associated with ash: A review. Forest Research

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Research reports