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Trees Outside of Woodland exist in many forms including hedgerows, scrub, wood pasture, orchards, copses, groves, linear treelines, greenways/holloways, and lone trees. The arts and humanities offer valuable perspectives to support the exploration of the social and cultural value of these.

This photo essay explores different aspects of Trees Outside of Woodland from these social and cultural perspectives. It was created from interviews with, and written submissions from, artists/creatives and researchers.

A variety of media including writing, poetry, painting, printmaking, music, storytelling, and archaeology are used by these contributors to engage with and explore the lives of Trees Outside of Woodland.

Trees Outside of Woodland - An Exploration of Social and Cultural Values - Photo Essay

PDF, 9.34 MB

Photo essay developed by Lestari in 2023 for Forest Research as part of research which explores the social and cultural value of trees outside woodland, through the arts and humanities.

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