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Hylobius Management Support System (MSS) subscription charges

Why are there subscription charges for Hylobius MSS?

Forest Research has developed the Hylobius MSS over a number of years and has absorbed the system development costs. However, now that this stage is complete, there will be a modest subscription charge to cover administration, maintenance of servers, subscriber accounts and help facilities required for delivery to end-users. Managers will quickly recognise that the cost savings from the improved management of Hylobius using the system should more than offset the subscription charges.

Subscription rates 2012/13

Subscription charges for use of the system are shown in the table below.

Number of sites managed Total cost
0 (access only) £220 + VAT
1 to 5 £444 + VAT
6 to 10 £660 + VAT
11 to 15 £876 + VAT
16 to 20 £1080 + VAT
21 to 30 £1512 + VAT
31 to 40 £1932 + VAT
41 to 50 £2364 + VAT

Indicative Cost/ha is £27.75 + VAT for a single site, £5.55 + VAT for 5 sites to £2.96 + VAT for 50 sites (assumes average clearfell is 16ha.).

The more clearfell sites that are managed by the user (or user group) the lower the overall cost/ha of managing clearfellsusing the Hylobius MSS. This can be calculated from the table (total cost/ (no. of sites x average size)) and is explained on the FAQ page.

Customers should consider how many sites they wish to manage within the Hylobius MSS and purchase sufficient for their requirements. Additional sites can be purchased at any time, but will be payable at rates in the table above and not considered additive to purchases made in previous years (or within year).

If more sites are purchased than used in a single year these will be carried over to subsequent years indefinitely but where no additional sites are purchased in the year a charge may be levied for continued access to the system (see 0 sites in the table) to cover annual charges when there has been no activity on the account for over 1 year.

The system will automatically prevent further clearfell entries once the purchased subscription limit has been reached.

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