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Carbon accounting

This page provides an overview of available methodologies – including the CARBINE and C-SORT models developed independently by Forest Research – for calculating how much carbon is emitted or sequestered by forests.

Status: Current


  • Climate change
  • Measuring, modelling and forecasting
Research topic

Modelling and forecasting timber yield and quality in Europe (MEFYQUE)

This page summarises output from the ‘Modelling and forecasting timber yield and quality in Europe’ (MEFYQUE) project, funded by the EU’s Fifth Framework Programme (FP5).

Status: Completed


  • Forest management
  • Measuring, modelling and forecasting

Further development of CSORT model

Developing new version of model with improved representation of early forest growth, tree stumps and roots

Updated version of Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) lookup tables

Developing new version of WCC forest carbon lookup tables with revised estimates of early growth, stumps and roots

Development and testing of improved soil carbon sub-model for inclusion in CSORT and CARBINE forest carbon accounting models

Review of scientific evidence on impacts of forest establishment and management on soil carbon dynamics (in collaboration with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh)

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Tallis, M. J., Casella, E., Henshall, P. A., Aylott, M. J., Randle, T. J., Morison, J. I. L., & Taylor, G. (2013). Development and evaluation of ForestGrowth-SRC a process-based model for short rotation coppice yield and spatial supply reveals poplar uses water more efficiently than willow. GCB Bioenergy, 5(1), 53–66.

FC and FR publications including official statistics

Randle, T., Matthews, R. and Jenkins, T. (2014). Technical Specification for the Biomass Equations Developed for the 2011 forecast. Forest Research, Farnham

Morison, J., Matthews, R., Miller, G., Perks, M., Randle, T., Vanguelova, E., White, M. and Yamulki, S. (2012). Understanding the carbon and greenhouse gas balance of forests in Britain (PDF-7422K). Forestry Commission Research Report 18. Forestry Commission, Edinburgh. i–vi + 1–149 pp.

Randle, T. and Jenkins,T. (2011). The construction of the lookup tables for estimating changes in carbon stocks in forestry projects. Forest Research, Farnham.

Contract and project reports – excluding any which are commercially confidential

Matthews, R., Sokka, L., Soimakallio, S., Mortimer, N., Rix, M., Schelhaas, M-J., Jenkins, T., Hogan, G., Mackie, E., Morris, A. and Randle, T. (2014). Review of literature on biogenic carbon and life cycle assessment of forest bioenergy. Final Task 1 report, EU DG ENER project ENER/C1/427. ‘ Carbon impacts of biomass consumed in the EU’. Forest Research, Farnham

Matthews, R., Mortimer, N., Mackie, E., Hatto, C., Evans, A., Onesmus, M., Randle, T., Rolls, W., Sayce, M., Tubby, I. (2014). Carbon Impacts of Using Biomass in Bioenergy and Other Sectors: Forests. Forest Research: Final Report for Department of Energy and Climate Change. Forest Research, Farnham