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Modelling and forecasting timber yield and quality in Europe (MEFYQUE)

Home research Modelling and forecasting timber yield and quality in Europe (MEFYQUE)

Modelling to help forest managers, the timber industry and policy-makers select multi-purpose management strategies


This integrated project combined forest sampling, monitoring and stand experimentation, laboratory analysis and timber characterisation studies. The results helped to develop a state-of-the-art model to simulate the impact of forest management strategies and climate change on stand productivity, timber quality, marketability and carbon sequestration. Simulations informed a European-wide analysis of sector performance and suitable management practices under difference climate futures.

Key findings and outputs

  • New Europe-wide harmonised datasets on forest growth, tree physiology, anatomy, biochemistry and timber characteristics– a major resource for forest researchers, industry stakeholders and climate change studies
  • Development of linked mechanistic, data-driven models of the forestry value chain
  • Successful demonstration of a theoretical approach to build predictive models of forest productivity and quality

Our involvement

Forest Research co-ordinated this large-scale, ambitious project involving scientists from Belgium, Finland, Germany and Italy. The team played a pivotal role in developing harmonised sampling and data collection guidelines and protocols as well as contributing data from 10 sites across the UK. Forest Research developed several dynamic models including a coupled soil-forest-atmosphere model for predicting evapo-transpiration (ForestETp) demands.


Funders and partners


Funded by the EU Fifth Framework Programme (FP5)


  • Forest Research, UK (project coordinator)
  • Building Research Establishment (BRE), UK
  • European Forest Institute, Finland
  • University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • University of Ghent, Belgium
  • University of Tuscany, Italy
  • Technical University of Berlin, Germany




Tim Randle

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