Sue Benham

BSc (Hons), PGC

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Research topic

Integrated forest monitoring

About the Level I, Level II, environmental change network, FutMon and Biosoil programmes

Status: Current


  • Climate change
  • Forest management
  • Ecosystem services
Research topic

Environmental Change Network

Analysing and predicting environmental change

Status: Current


  • Climate change
Research topic

Environmental Change Network - Chronosequencing of vegetation data

Preliminary investigation into the effects of climate change on oak and Corsican pine.

Status: Current
Research topic

Environmental Change Network - Ecological survey of Straits enclosure

Results of a complete ecological survey of the Straits Enclosure research site for four time points during the 1999-2000 growing season

Status: Current
Research topic

Further development and implementation of an EU-level forest monitoring system (FutMon)

Creation of a pan-European long term forest monitoring system

Status: Completed


  • Climate change
Research topic

Intensive long term monitoring of forest ecosystems (Level II)

Level II programme of environmental monitoring to provide an understanding of the impact of air pollution and other factors which influence forest ecosystems

Status: Current


  • Climate change
Research topic

Large scale diversity and distribution of ectomycorrhizal fungi

A multi-partner Europe wide transdisciplinary project to understand the large-scale diversity and distribution of ectomycorrhizal fungi across Europe, taking into account long-term monitoring of environment, climate, soil and geographical variables.

Status: Current


  • Climate change
  • Forest management
  • Soil science

Peer reviewed journal articles

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Book and book chapters (including published conference proceedings)

Benham, S. E., Houston Durrant, T., Caudullo, G., de Rigo, D., (2016).Taxus baccata in Europe: distribution, habitat, usage and threats. In: San-Miguel-Ayanz, J., de Rigo, D., Caudullo, G., HoustonDurrant, T., Mauri, A. (Eds.), European Atlas of Forest Tree Species. Publ. Off. EU, Luxembourg, pp. e015921+

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FC and FR publications including official statistics

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Contract and project reports – excluding any which are commercially confidential

GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM 2014 NUTRIENT AVAILABILITY COULD CONSTRAINT FOREST ECOSYSTEM RESPONSE TO GLOBAL CHANGE IN EUROPE Mathieu Jonard1, Alfred Fürst2, Arne Verstraeten3, Anne Thimonier4, Volkmar Timmermann5, Nenad Potočić6, Peter Waldner4, Sue Benham7, Karin Hansen8, Päivi Merilä9, Quentin Ponette1, Ana C de la Cruz10, Peter Roskams3, Manuel Nicolas11, Luc Croisé11, Morten Ingerslev12, Giorgio Matteucci13, Bruno Decinti14, Marco Bascietto14 and Pasi Rautio

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Older publications

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