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About i-Tree Eco Newport

Newport City Council is committed to increasing its tree cover and maximising the benefits that trees provide.   

i-Tree Eco provides a means to more fully understand a city’s urban forest with respect to its species composition, structure and condition, and to calculate and value many of the ecological benefits that that urban forest provides to those and live and work in the city.

The i-Tree Eco Newport survey was undertaken in summer 2019 as part of the objectives of the Gwent Green Grid Partnership.

The Gwent Green Grid Partnership is a Welsh Government funded consortium of partners and stakeholders. The partnership and its policy framework direct the establishment of green infrastructure across Gwent county and help to deliver a healthier environment for citizens, opportunities for business, and community benefits such as volunteering.

Research objectives

The aims of the project were to:

  • Understand the current structure, composition and function of Newport’s urban forest, including its distribution among different land classes
  • Quantify and assess the value of ecosystem services provided by Newport’s urban forest
  • Screen for the presence of pollinators across the survey area

The results of the survey will:

  • Support and inform urban forest management
  • Enable Newport to raise the profile of urban trees
  • Inform decision-making to improve human health and environmental quality

Findings and Recommendations

Infographic about results of i-Tree Eco study of Newport's urban trees

Infographic summary of the results of the i-Tree Eco study in Newport

  • Newport’s urban forest contains an estimated 259,900 trees, which provide a tree canopy cover of 12%
  • There is a shortage of large trees and publicly-owned trees in Newport
  • Cherry trees provide the most pollen and nectar across Newport
  • Pollinators were found in 14 out of 67 survey plots
  • The ecosystem services provided by Newport’s trees were estimated to have a value of £2.2 million per year

The infographic summary, full report, and supplementary report are available in the Documents section (below).


Kieron Doick

Further Information

i-Tree Website


Funding & partners
  • Welsh Government
  • Newport City Council
  • Treeconomics
  • Forest Research

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