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This summary report provides results from the Nature and Covid survey undertaken by Forest Research in 2021, as a follow-up to a similar survey in 2020. The surveys undertaken in 2020 (n=2,115) and 2021 (n=398) are not directly comparable statistically as the 2020 survey asked about pre-Covid activity and during Covid activity. However, a few people (n=33) completed both surveys, and these were matched to explore change over both surveys.

In the current survey people were asked about visits to nature/woods from the end of March until June/July 2021, and questions about any motivations, barriers and benefit changes focused on the past 12 months i.e. from June/July 2020 to June/July 2021. This second survey highlights that those who were more physically active in the previous 12 months were more motivated to visit and gained more benefits from nature. Similar to the previous survey visits to nature and woodlands played an important role in supporting wellbeing through the various Covid-19 restrictions.

Citation: – O’Brien, L and Forster, J. 2021. Engagement with nature and Covid-19 restrictions Survey 2021: Key results. Forest Research, Farnham.

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