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    Effects of provenance on survival, growth and stem form of European silver fir (Abies alba Mill.)in Britain

    Lead Author: Bianca Ambrose-Oji
    Use of European silver fir in forestry re-assessed Large-scale use of European silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) was discounted in the mid-twentieth century. A recent paper by Forest Research scientists Gary Kerr, Victoria Stokes, Andrew Peace and Richard Jinks in the European Journal of Forest Research challenges that assumption and, using results from 46 year […]
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    In plantadetection used to define the distribution of the European lineages of Phytophthora ramorumon larch (Larix) in the UK

    Lead Author: K. M. King
    UK distribution of Phytophthora ramorum evolutionary types provided by new testing method By developing a new molecular-based testing method based on PCR techniques, Forest Research scientists have been able to examine the distribution of the two main lineages of Phytophthora ramorum responsible for the major epidemic on larch (Larix spp.) in the UK. In a […]
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    Hot-water treatment as a possible method for eradicating Chalara fraxinea (Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus ) infection from ash fruits (Fraxinus excelsior L )

    Lead Author: Shelagh McCartan
    Treating ash seeds with hot water may kill Chalara infection Immersing ash seeds in 44°C water for 5 hours may eradicate Chalara infection in ash seeds without significantly reducing the viability of the seeds. Forest Research scientists have published the results of this trial in Quarterly Journal of Forestry. Batches of ash fruits were subjected […]
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    Community forest governance

    Lead Author: Anna Lawrence
    This publication has been archived. To access it please follow the links to view on the DEFRA archive. A review of existing literature and research evidence on the range of existing community engagement, governance and ownership arrangements for managing forests in England and beyond (namely Scotland, Wales, Europe and North America). By Anna Lawrence and […]
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    Public access to woodlands and forests

    Lead Author: Star Molteno
    A review of existing literature on public access. By By Star Molteno, Jake Morris and Liz O’Brien. Related pages People, trees and woodlands Social forestry research
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    International comparisons of forest policy

    Lead Author: Anna Lawrence
    This publication has been archived. To access it please follow the links to view on the DEFRA archive. A review of forest policy and instruments in five countries (namely Sweden, Ohio/USA, New Zealand, Denmark and North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany) By Anna Lawrence and Mike Dudley.
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    Woodland establishment on landfill sites: Ten years of research

    Lead Author: Kirsten Foot
    Contract report to the Department for Communities and Local Government detailing research over a ten year period to examine tree growth on modern containment landfill sites. By Kirsten Foot and Andy Moffat. Please note this publication is archived and only available from the author Related pages Brownfield regeneration
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    “Strengthening heart and mind”: Using woodlands to improve mental and physical Well-being

    Lead Author: Liz O'Brien
    In the United Kingdom, a number of efforts to improve people’s health and well-being focus on the value of trees and woodlands By Liz O’Brien. Article from Unasylva – Forests and human health. Issue 224 (Volume 57, 2006/2), a publication of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.
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    Development and review concerning Forest Focus (PDF, 1.6MB)

    Lead Author: Peter Freer-Smith
    Summary The European Community and the Member States are committed to implementing internationally agreed activities relating to the conservation and protection of forests. In this context it is in the general interest of the Community to develop the monitoring activities that have been established and run under Regulation (EC) 2152/2003 called Forest Focus and the […]