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EcoServ-GIS: a toolkit for mapping ecosystem services

C.C. Bellamy, T. Fisher

Lead Author: J.P. Winn

Home publication EcoServ-GIS: a toolkit for mapping ecosystem services

Mapiing ecosystem services at a county and region scale

The EcoServ-GIS toolkit generates maps illustrating the need for each service as well as the capacity for service provision, using scientifically-based, standardised methods and widely available datasets. Itprovides users with the facility to overlay these maps to show how well demand and capacity coincide in space, highlighting those natural areas providing high levels of service delivery that should be conserved, as well as those that are most in need of measures aimed at improving single or multiple service delivery.

Version 3.3 includes tools to map nine services, including ones that grade greenspace according to the opportunities they provide for enjoying nature and wildlife. The toolkit requires OS MasterMap and a range of optional data. The toolkit has been produced using ArcGIS ModelBuilder and requires ArcGIS version 10.2+, Advanced license and SpatialAnalyst. It is designed for areas between 500 and 5,000 km2 and requires from one to fourmonths of experienced GIS staff time to create all outputs. Individual ecosystem servicetools are independent and can be run alone or as part of a multiple service assessment.

Main findings

  • EcoServ-GIS can produce maps illustrating the benefits of nature at a city to region scale

  • The toolkit runs with OS MasterMap as the only source data but is greatly improved bythe use of additional, optional datasets

  • Multifunctional sites are identified where several ecosystem services are delivered

  • Management Zones indicate where actions can maintain or enhance ecosystem services

  • The toolkit can be run with default settings or can use local knowledge

  • EcoServ-GIS has been used in an applied way with habitat connectivity mapping withinthe EcoCoLIFE to help identify the most beneficial places for habitat management andimproving Ecological Coherence (report forthcoming on


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