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    [Archive] Thinning control in British woodlands

    Lead Author: R.T. Bradley
    Thinning control in British woodlands
  • Publications

    Report on Forest Research for the year ended March, 1960

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    The report of Forest Research for the year ending March 1959. The report includesIntroductionSummary of the year’s workPart i Reports of work carried out by Forestry Commission research staff-Forest tree seed investigations -Nursery investigations -Silvicultural investigations in the forest: (a) south and central England and Wales (b) Scotland and northern England-Provenance studies -Poplars and elms […]
  • Publications

    [Archive] Shelterbelts and microclimate

    Lead Author: J.M. Caborn
    This bulletin discusses the effects which shelterbelts of trees exert on the microclimates of their adjacent regions. Part one consists of a review of available scientific evidence concerning such effects and their influence on agricultural yields and forestry practice. Part two deals with a critical survey of research procedure in connexion with microclimatological investigations of […]