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Urban tree mapping, wellbeing and climate resilience

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Home Events Urban tree mapping, wellbeing and climate resilience

park with benchesThe importance of urban trees is increasingly recognised and along with green space provision, the wellbeing benefits of green infrastructure are now well understood.

This webinar will present tree data projects which aim to contribute to debate on urban trees.

Speakers are:

Kieron Doick from Forest Research who will present on ‘The canopy cover Webmap of the United Kingdom’s towns and cities’ and summarise this citizen science assessment of the tree canopy cover of the UK’s 5,749 urban wards.

Tim Richards from Terra Sulis who will talk about the tree mapping they have carried out and the related work that highlights the combined cooling benefits of trees and green space.

Adam Cormack from the Woodland Trust and Mushtaaq Ali from American Forests who will preview work they are carrying out to develop a Tree Equity Score in the UK, building on the experience of the American version.

The webinar will have plenty of time for questions and discussions, and identify further opportunities for networking.

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Tuesday 26 September 2023
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