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  • Research

    The potential for agroforestry to reduce net GHG emissions in Scotland through the Woodland Carbon Code

    This research examines the potential of agroforestry to contribute to meeting greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets outlined in Scotland’s Climate Change Plan, and the economic viability of adopting agroforestry practices. It finds agroforestry has potential to sequester carbon and is generally financially viable, but benefits vary according to different factors.
  • Research

    Natural colonisation as a strategy for woodland creation and expansion

    Natural colonisation  occurs when tree seed reaches a site and establishes where woodland has not recently existed. This differs from natural regeneration where new trees establish within existing woodland or where woodland has recently been located. Supporting woodland expansion through such natural processes, is another method with potential to contribute to...
  • Research

    New evidence to inform woodland creation for climate change mitigation

    A project was commissioned to estimate and compare the potential for carbon sequestration (net CO2 uptake) and GHG emissions mitigation that could be realised by creating different types of woodlands. The analysis assesses the influence of different tree species, site and management factors, including the eventual use of harvested wood, on...
  • Research

    Cooling effect of street trees in Bristol

    In cities the climate is significantly warmer than in the surrounding countryside. This is known as the Urban Heat island (UHI) effect.  The UHI effect is caused by a range of factors including hard building surfaces which absorb and radiate heat and the design of urban areas which means they...
  • Research

    The benefits of an i-Tree Eco survey

    Short summary of evaluation of outcomes and benefits of conducting i-Tree Eco surveys in the UK.
  • Publications

    Public perspectives of treescape creation, expansion, management and maintenance (a review)

    Lead Author: Clare Hall
    This review aims to answer the question “what are the public perspectives of woodland creation, expansion, management and maintenance?” (where woodland is taken to refer to trees in any location and context). Using a combination of structured search strings and key word searches, the search process uncovered 81 relevant publications from 15 countries, published between 1996 and 2021 (inclusive). Given the policy ambitions for tree planting and woodland expansion across Great Britain, from the United Kingdom (UK), Welsh and Scottish Governments, the findings from this review are timely. The findings provide valuable evidence of possible public reactions to new planting, afforestation and changes to management, and identify gaps in the evidence where further work is required.
  • Research

    i-Tree Eco Vale of Glamorgan

    Forest Research are working with Derby City Council to undertake an i-Tree Eco survey in the city of Derby in summer 2021. Derby has 17 electoral wards. To enable comparison of the structure of the urban forest in each ward 350 sample plots have been laid out across the city. i-Tree Eco will use...
  • Research

    Ecosystem service provision by urban trees: informing species selection

    Collating ecosystem service provision by different sizes and species of common UK urban trees to inform species selection
  • Research

    Woodland Creation and Expansion – Programme 6

    This research aims to find out how to expand woodland cover in a way that maximises ecological and social benefits. The programme complements the other six programmes and follows collaborative principles to produce tools which support land managers, stakeholders and policy makers to increase engagement with woodland creation activities
  • Publications

    Forest habitat network for Edinburgh and the Lothians

    Lead Author: Duncan Ray
    Booklet describing the contribution of woodlands to promote sustainable development within the regional Structure Plan. By Duncan Ray and Darren Moseley.
  • Publications

    Moth responses to forest-to-bog restoration

    Lead Author: Ainoa Pravia
    Response of moth communities to restoration of formerly afforested blanket bog
  • Publications

    Establishing robust species mixtures

    Lead Author: Gary Kerr
    New guidance from Forest Research to help design mixtures at the establishment phase
  • Publications

    Valuing the mental health benefits of woodlands

    Lead Author: Vadim Saraev
    This study is the first attempt to provide national estimates of the natural capital value of the mental health benefits provided by UK woodlands.
  • Research

    Valuing the Mental Health Benefits of Forestry – Phase 2

    This research presents an estimate of the mental health benefits associated with the UK’s woodlands, using an approach valuing woodland through reduced prevalence of mental illnesses. Indicative estimates are derived for potential inclusion of mental health benefits in UK natural capital accounts and for use in project and policy appraisal.
  • Research

    Developing an Approach to Monitoring the Health and Well-Being Benefits of Visits to Scotland’s Forests

    This project reviewed evidence on the health and well-being benefits, and social and cultural benefits, of visits to forests, as well as the methods to measure and monitor them. It also provides recommendations for monitoring these benefits to support the implementation of Scotland’s Forestry Strategy 2019-2029.
  • Publications

    The impacts of conifer afforestation and climate on water quality and freshwater ecology in a sensitive peaty catchment: a 25 year study in the upper River Halladale in North Scotland

      Highlights Good forest practice was effective at protecting water quality. Streamwater acidity and ecology unaffected by conifer afforestation. Hurricanes caused marked changes in streamwater acidity and water colour. Total P increased after fertiliser applications but no impact on ecological status. Findings will inform future woodland expansion within sensitive water catchments. Abstract Our study was […]
  • Research

    i-Tree Eco Derby

    Introduction In summer 2021 Forest Research worked with Derby City Council to undertake an i-Tree Eco survey in the city. Derby has 17 electoral wards. 350 sample plots were laid out across the city, to enable analysis of the urban forest in each ward. Map of i-Tree Eco sample plot locations in Derby At...
  • Publications

    The effect of forest-to-bog restoration on the hydrological functioning of raised and blanket bogs

    Lead Author: Tim Howson
    Howson, T., Chapman, P. J., Shah, N., Anderson, R., & Holden, J. (2021). The effect of forest-to-bog restoration on the hydrological functioning of raised and blanket bogs. Ecohydrology, e2334.