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    Eleanor Gardner

    Assistant Economist
    Climate change
  • Research

    Forestry & Woodland Resilience to Drought (FORWaRD)

    To inform ‘climate resilient forestry’ policy and management, understanding the drought response of UK tree species is crucial but remains largely unquantified. The Forestry & Woodland Resilience to Drought (FORWaRD) project will address these knowledge gaps by providing an integrated assessment of drought resilience for a variety of UK tree species across a range of temporal and spatial scales.
  • Tools and Resources

    Climate change resources

    Resources relevant to forests and climate change.   General The National Adaptation Programme Making the country resilient to a changing climate (2013). HM Government. Environmental Reporting Guidelines: including mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reporting guidance (2013) Defra, London. Government forestry and woodlands policy statement, incorporating the Government's response to the Independent Panel on Forestry's final report (2013). Defra, London, and Forestry […]
  • Tools and Resources

    Forests and climate change

    Climate change presents one of the greatest long-term challenges facing the world today.
  • Research

    Climate change impacts

    Examining the effects of climate change on woodland and forestry.
  • Research

    Climate change adaptation

    How woodland management can adapt in anticipation of climate change
  • Research

    Climate change in Scotland

    Shows recent changes in Scotlands climate over 40 years
  • Publications

    Forests and Climate Change

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    Archived Forestry Commission booklet discussing forests and climate change.
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  • Tools and Resources

    Climate Change Factsheet Series

    These factsheets explore the key risks to our trees, woods and forests from climate change, how we can improve the resilience of our forests to future conditions, and how our trees woods and forests could be managed to mitigate both direct and indirect impacts of the changing climate. They provide short summaries on specific topics […]
  • Publications

    Factsheet: Climate change and risks

    What are the key risks to our forests and woodland? There are many risks to UK forests, woodlands and trees from climate change trends and extreme weather events. These risks can be managed to reduce the potential impact on our forests and the ecosystem services they provide. This factsheet highlights the main risks from climate change […]
  • Publications

    Factsheet: Climate change and provenance

    How can careful choice of provenance of planting stock make forests more resilient to the changing climate? Provenance is a forestry term used to describe the location of the stand from which reproductive material (seeds or cuttings) was collected. The choice of provenance of planting stock used to establish new woodlands and the management of existing […]