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How can we adapt our forests and woodlands for the changing climate?

The changing climate is affecting our trees, forests and woodlands, how they grow and survive and the important ecosystem services they provide. For our forests and woodlands to thrive, adaptation measures must be considered carefully, and action taken. Ten measures to reduce climate risks and improve resilience are presented.

Once the risks from gradual climate changes and more frequent extreme events have been assessed, the first step is to ensure that the objectives for the forest or woodland consider adaptation to climate change. Different measures will be appropriate for different woodland types and management objectives, and several measures may need to be combined. Management plans should identify the main risks and which measures are required. Once they are implemented, monitoring is important to build knowledge and inform future decisions.

About the series

Aimed at practitioners, the factsheets showcase the breadth of research carried out by Forest Research, sometimes over decades, into how trees and forests are facing the challenges of climate change, and actionable insights into how trees and woodlands can help mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Climate change series
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