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An accreditation scheme for assessing the quality and suitability of wood chip, pellets, briquettes and hog fuel (shred).

Woodsure Accreditation means that these products have been tested to ensure they meet the EN and Önorm standards for woodfuel quality that have become the established measure in the European biomass industry.

Woodsure accredited woodfuel assures customers that the fuel they are purchasing fulfils the appropriate specification for their equipment. It helps to guarantee a high standard and reliability in the supply chain.

Woodsure uses an ongoing assessment regime, ensuring that each accredited supplier is regularly visited and evaluated, thus maintaining a consistently high standard of fuel.

Whilst maintaining rigorous standards, the testing and evaluation procedure is straightforward – testing the product at the point of production and supply – and achieved with minimal operational impact or expense for producers and suppliers.

Woodsure provides legitimacy for woodfuel providers and confidence for their customers.

Woodsure also seeks to support woodfuel production businesses, enabling them to develop and improve, and in doing so create a strong, reliable supply chain.

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