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England biomass links

Links to biomass relatedwebsites and resourcesspecific to England, including regional organizations


Forestry Commission England Woodfuel home page

This site details the background, aims and methods used in a study of the potentially available Woodfuel Resource in Great Britain, and presents the findings in an interactive manner

A source of information on the use and implementation of non-food crop products and technologies in the UK

Represents British renewable energy producers and promotes the use of sustainable energy in the UK

A not-for-profit organisation representing farmers growing energy crops

North England

Woodfuel heating in the North of England

A publication from the National Non-food Crops Centre. A practical guide, covering technologies, options, costs, contract options and case studies (PDF – 2.1 MB)

North East

Forestry Commission: Sustainability in North East England

Forestry Commission: supporting Northwoods woodland initiative


Supporting the North East's forestry and woodland businesses

North West

Forestry Commission: Woodfuel in North West England

Cumbria Woodlands

The main area of our work has shifted from providing simple advisory visits to becoming more focussed on working with farmers and businesses on how woodlands and forests can contribute to a vibrant rural economy. We are encouraging the land-owning community and wood-using businesses to think in a different way about how their woodland resources can help them make a sustainable living

Yorkshire and the Humber

FC Yorkshire and The Humber woodfuel directory

(PDF – 4.7 MB)


A partnership based organisation that works with all parts of the forest industry to improve the sectors contribution towards sustainable rural development in the Yorkshire & the Humber Region

Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

Intelligent Energy Europe is an EU programme for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Its aim is to produce and use energy in more intelligent ways increasing the use of renewables

The AFO (Activating Forest Owners) project is funded regionally by the IEE. The AFO project is working to activate forest owners and increase the wood fuel supply at both regional and local levels

West Midlands


Promoting use of woodfuel, supporting woodland businesses and encouraging management of neglected woodlands in the West Midlands

Marches Wood Energy Network

Marches Wood Energy Network Ltd (MWEN) is a non-profit making company dedicated to the development of wood energy in the West Midlands

East Midlands

Forestry Commission: Woodfuel in the East Midlands

East of England

Forestry Commission: Woodfuel in the East of England

East of England Development Agency: Cut Your Carbon campaign

Cut your Carbon is a recently launched three-year £2,500,000 campaign and competition, led by EEDA that aims to bring together communities in the East of England to tackle climate change. Groups taking part are able to use a unique community based carbon footprint calculator to measure their carbon footprint, get help to become more energy efficient, use social networking software to bring their group together and win EEDA funding of up to £200,000 per project for projects that apply fresh thinking to cutting carbon emissions

South East of England

Forestry Commission: Woodfuel in South East England

Wood Heat Solutions

Wood Heat Solutions aims to increase the number of woodfired heating systems used in the UK, Slovenia and Croatia, by using lessons learned from successful wood heat projects in Finland and Austria. A Google map of operational and potential suppliers and users of wood heat in South East England has been written as part of the project, available here.

Reports are also available with details of two study tours that have been conducted by the project to:


(PDF – 1.0 MB)


(PDF – 766 kB)

South West


The renewable energy agency for the South West of England

Severn Wye Energy Agency

SWEA is a charitable company, with a programme of work to develop the sustainable use of energy in the South West and Mid Wales.

SWEA projects cover energy efficiency, renewable energy, affordable warmth and sustainable transport, and include the provision of an Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (EEAC) for households in Gloucestershire and a portfolio of other projects

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