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Terrain chippers

These are purpose built or agricultural tractor units, in a range of size, comprising of a bulk container or trailer unit, a loading crane and a chipper unit. Produce is normally processed directly into the container or trailer

Terrain chippers
Availability No data
Costs Capital cost moderate, depending on components used, to high for purpose-built units
Terrain ability Limited manoeuvrability. Suitable only for slopes of less than 25%
Potential site impact Can cause site damage on sensitive sites; route planning, construction and maintenance are essential to avoid damage
Potential crop impact Some damage possible
Access and transportation From easy for small units to difficult for larger purpose built units
Other operational considerations Best suited to extraction distances of less than 250 m. Low load capacity. Best suited for high product density. Presentation of produce to be chipped is critical to the efficiency of the operation
Ergonomics Some manual handling involved with man-fed units
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