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Biomass briquettes

Various forms of biomass, such as wood shaving,can be compressed into briquettes of roughly the size and shape of conventional firewood logs. Although similar to logs, they are typically dryer and more dense.

What are briquettes?

Briquettes are similar to wood pellets, but physically larger.Sizes vary butbriquettes can vary in diameter from around 50 mm to 100 mm or more.Briquettes are usually between 60 mm and 150 mm in length.They can offer a cleaner, more consistent alternative to firewood logs, offering higher energy density and steady combustion.

Wood briquettes, made from wood shavings, are the most common, but briquettes made with other forms of biomass are available, including miscanthus.

Briquette usage

Briquettes are typically used in place of firewood logs. Owing to the higher energy density they are particularly suitable where storage space is limited, and tend to be cleaner than traditional logs. They are also more consistent, and burn more steadily, however different briquettes are deliberately manufactured with different burning characteristics for different markets.

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