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Tony Farndon

BSc, PgD, MICFor

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Tony is leading on the development and application of next generation spatial systems for forest management, ensuring forestry sector requirements are met through available web and mobile based technologies.

Tony joined Forest Research in 2016, where he specialises in web and mobile based spatial systems. He obtained his BSc honours degree in Forestry from the University of Wales, Bangor and received his PgD in Geographical Information Science from Manchester University. He previously worked for the Forestry Commission (2003-2016) and the Woodland Trust (2003).

Product Manager
Inventory, forecasting and operational support (IFOS)

Silvan House

231 Corstorphine Road


EH12 7AT

Other Research

Forester GIS
Technical Development Manager
Migration of the legacy ‘Forester Desktop’ based GIS system to a cloud based web and mobile enterprise solution.

Peer reviewed journal articles

Sparks, T., Farndon, T., Manchester, S., & Myhill, D. The distribution of the seed bank within a Planted Ancient Woodland Site. In Proceedings of a conference organised by the British Ecological Society (Forest Ecology Group) and the Woodland Trust, held at the University of Warwick, 18-19 September 2002 (p. 11).