Sirwan Yamulki

BSc, MSc, PhD

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Research topic

Greenhouse gases and carbon dynamics of forestry

Research to understand the processes and rates of exchange of greenhouse gases in forests, and how they are affected by forest management

Status: Current


  • Climate change

Sirwan leads a number of projects to quantify the annual GHG (CO2, N2O and CH4) fluxes from oak (Straits) and Stika spruce (Griffin and Harwood) forests.

We were partners in the GREENHOUSE consortium, working in the NERC GHG Emissions and Feedback programme (2013-2017). We contributed to measurements examining the effects of forest management on GHG emissions and uptake. In particular Sirwan studyed the effects of clear-fell harvesting on soil CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes from an upland Sitka spruce forest in England.

Effect of forest soil microtopography
In collaboration with University of Edinburgh, Sirwan is assessing the effects of soil microtopography (ditch, mound, undisturbed) at an upland Sitka spruce plntation (Griffin Forest, Perthshire, Scotland) on annual GHG budget.

GHG fluxes for afforested peatland
Sirwan led a project at Flanders Moss site near Stirling in Central Scotland to assess how drainage of lowland peatland for forestry can affect the GHG balance.

Other projects

  • LandscapeDNDC model evaluation and GHG simulation for oak and Sitka spruce forests in UK.
  • Soil GHG fluxes following land-use change to bioenergy crops (ELUM)
  • Contribution to the LULUCF GHG UK inventory
  • Methodology developments to measure soil and stand-scale N2O, CH4 and CO2 fluxes by eddy covariance and modelling
  • Measurement of CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes above and below the forest canopy

Previous work focused on:

  • Quantifying the impact of agricultural management on GHG emissions
  • Investigating strategies to reduce emissions from main agricultural sectors
  • Investigating soil microbial processes and nutrient cycling.

Peer reviewed journal articles

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FC and FR publications including official statistics

Sirwan Yamulki (2017) Tree emissions of CH4 and N2O: Briefing and review of current knowledge. Briefing update for Forest Research, Oct 2017, 28 pp.

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Contract and project reports

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Trade journal and newsletter articles

Yamulki, S. and Martin, S. (2010) Forests and greenhouse gases: more than just CO2. Forestry and Timber News 38, 21-22.

Scientific conferences: presentations or posters

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