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Petra’s work is focussed on understanding mycorrhizal communities, their drivers and their role in ecosystem functions. In particular, this research will help us better understand regenerating woodlands, and the role of mycorrhizal fungi in their establishment.

Petra joined Forest Research in 2022 after completing her PhD which dealt with various aspects of ecology of mycorrhizal fungi in woodlands using field studies, mathematical models and restoration experiments.


University of Reading

British Ecological Society

Forest molecular ecologist
Land use and ecosystem services (LUES)

Alice Holt Lodge




GU10 4LH

Related Research


Fungi for Forest Restoration (Fungi4Restor)

The Fungi4Restor project will investigate the patterns and mechanisms of soil woodland fungal community recovery on former agricultural land, assess the significance of these communities for tree establishment, and explore interventions as potential accelerators for the restoration of soil woodland fungal communities.

Status current

Peer reviewed journal articles

Mycorrhizal type of woody plants influences understory species richness in British broadleaved woodlands, New Phytologist, 2022.