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We are currently assessing the wood properties of a range of conifer and broadleaved species grown in Great Britain in a modern context to understand how the current policies relating to a wider range of species might affect their sawn wood properties and merchantability of timber. In addition to evaluating stem form and volume in stands that have reached harvestable maturity, we work closely with Edinburgh Napier University to measure the timber grade-defining properties of stiffness, strength and density of these species when grown in GB. This is important as many species have different properties when grown here as opposed to their native ranges. We can also derive other information, such as calorific values and biomass potential, from the measurements that we perform.

Our current and recent conifer projects are:

Merchantability of Noble fir, Norway spruce, western red cedar and western hemlock

  • Providing information to growers and processors about the wood properties and likely merchantable volumes of these species.

Tree and Wood properties of the silver firs, grand fir, Serbian spruce and Japanese red cedar

  • An investigation of the sawn wood properties and production potential of these species.

An investigation of the tree and wood properties of fast-growing, improved Sitka spruce

  • What are the effects of very high productivity arising from the adoption of improved seed orchard and vegetatively-propagated planting stock?

Our current and recent broadleaf projects are:

Tree and wood properties of birch and sycamore

  • An investigation of the sawn wood properties and production potential of these species.

For further information on our current and recent study trees, please search our individual species pages .

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