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Wood properties and uses of Scots pine in Britain

Lead Author: Paul Mclean

Home Publications Wood properties and uses of Scots pine in Britain

Scots pine is the second most abundant conifer growing in the UK and the only native conifer species grown for timber. It grows well on sites that are too dry for Sitka spruce and it plays a large role in the landscape and rural economy. This Report collates and synthesises research into the production and use of Scots pine timber in Great Britain, drawing where necessary and for comparative purposes on sources from the European continent where Scots pine is better characterised and used in a wider range of applications. It is written for forest scientists, engineers, wood processors and end users of wood products who are seeking to determine the potential end uses of Scots pine. It is divided into three parts: (1) distribution of Scots pine, (2) wood properties and uses of Scots pine, and (3) suitability for different end products. General descriptions of wood properties are not covered in depth, but the wood properties of home grown Scots pine are examined and where appropriate, contrasted with Sitka spruce.

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Research Report


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Forestry Commission