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Site planning to facilitate stump harvesting

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As with all forest operations, good site planning is fundamental to stump harvesting.

It will be essential to consider the potential environmental impacts on a site and to liaise with appropriate bodies to assess the sensitivity of the area and the existence of any legal requirements.

There will be a need for a detailed site assessment before any operations commence, including identifying all hazards associated with the lifting, transport and storage of stumps.

In addition to soil and water protection, stump harvesting is potentially damaging to biodiversity and the historic environment. Consideration must therefore be given to the needs of priority and protected plant and animal species, and to local archaeology, when assessing site suitability.

Another consideration for site selection is the availability of space for stacking and handling of stumps at roadside (see photo), including the capacity and condition of the forest road and track infrastructure to cope with the increased number of vehicle movements. Particular care will be required to ensure that stump stacks do not block or pollute roadside drains.