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PhD studentships associated with the soil sustainability programme. These are listed below in order of their starting date.

Title Student Period
Above and belowground ecological linkages in temperate forest soils Olivia Azevedo, University of Stirling 2019-2022
Exploring the role of deadwood in the forest soil carbon cycle Victoria Shannon (née Struthers), University of Reading 2016-2019
Forest management and below-ground litter: carbon dynamics of UK forest soils Mauro Lanfranchi, University of Cumbria 2016-2020
Organic amendments in land regeneration: impacts on trees, soil fauna and long term carbon sequestration Martin Lampert, University of Central Lancashire 2016-2020
Soil organic carbon changes in UK forest soils Rita Razauskaite, University of Aberdeen 2015-2018
Microbial communities and belowground biodiversity under different tree species growing on different soil types Garazi Benito, Basque Institute of Agricultural Research and Development (NEIKER) 2015-2018
The difference in roots traits under different tree species as influenced by soil type in forest ecosystems in Bulgaria and the UK Lyudmila Lozanova, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria Short-term research visit
Using chronosequences to investigate how afforestation influences soil microbial community processes, soil carbon dynamics and soil sustainability Aisha Cogan, University of Essex 2014-2017
Woodland Restoration on Landfill Sites: Earthworm Activity and Ecosystem Service Provision Frank Ashwood,
University of Central Lancashire
Multi-scale investigation of soil water DOC dynamics with respect to long-term trends Katarzyna Sawicka, University of Reading 2013-2016
Nutrients budget of forest ecosystems in Great Britain Emile Mwenge,
University of Reading
Soil fauna diversity under Short Rotation Forestry: Impacts and Responses Nalika Rajapaksha,
University of Central Lancashire
Evaluation of tree species x soil type interactions for their potential for long term C sequestration Antia Villada,
University of Reading
Carbon turnover in forest and grassland soils – will global warming turn carbon sinks into sources? Eleanor Swain,
University of Newcastle
Impact of nitrogen deposition on the microbial activity and composition in forest soils Emma Thorpe,
University of Essex
An investigation into the prokaryotic diversity of UK forest soils using high throughput sequencing Theresa Hudson,
University of Exeter
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