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Public engagement in forestry toolbox and guidance

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There are many ways to involve people in planning decisions connected with woods and greenspaces. The kinds of people who want to get involved, what they want to achieve through their involvement, and what people want from their woods will vary from place to place and according to the unique characteristics of the forest and woodland concerned. Although a suite of different tools and methods is needed to suit local circumstances, these will need to sit within a strategic and comprehensive public engagement process plan.

The Public Engagement in Forestry toolbox provides:

  • An introductory booklet describing a range of engagement styles from “consultation” to “empowerment”
  • A framework for planning an engagement process
  • 58 different engagement method tool sheets
  • A summary table indicating how best to use each of the tools.

The booklet Principles of Public Engagement (PDF-290K) provides guidance about:

  • Core values for public engagement
  • Key design principles involved in planning public engagement
  • Differences between public involvement in decision making or service delivery.

The booklet Public Engagement and Forestry: Key Lessons for Working in Urban Areas

  • Discusses the key engagement challenges in urban areas
  • Suggests some of the most appropriate tools to use
  • Provides examples of urban forestry engagement processes in Scotland, England and Wales.

These resources are intended to provide foresters and other land managers with practical resources supporting policies, programmes and projects seeking greater public involvement. They are also suitable for use by community groups and volunteers looking for similar material.


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Public engagement in forestry
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Public engagement in forestry
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