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Working Group 4

Working Group 4 (WG4) – Communication, Dissemination and Marketing

WG4's main aim is to communicate, disseminate and market project activities and results: by developing a European PES Case Study repository which is shared with practitioners, policy makers and stakeholders, to promote best practice (making information more accessible to potential PES buyers, suppliers and intermediaries, including use of mapping tools); by publishing the 'User Manual: Smarter Guidance on woodlands-for-water PES schemes'; and by an STSM exploring how to market PES schemes. WG4 will synthesise results from WG1-WG3 and will provide a stakeholder forum for dialogue about enabling factors and potential barriers in mainstreaming PES, such as discussing undesirable consequences (e.g. 'commodification of nature', implicit redistributions of property rights/social equity, or 'crowding out' of intrinsic pro-social motivations).

Dissemination and Communication Plan

Leader: Lars Högbom (

Vice Leader: Rik De Vreese (