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Working Group 3

Working Group 3 (WG3) – PES Cost-effectiveness

WG3’s primary objective is to consider the cost-effectiveness of woodland creation measures to improve water quality and providing other benefits. Wrk will focus on

  • Synthesizing evidence on the economic performance of existing PES schemes in COST countries, including wider impacts (e.g employment creation and carbon sequestration);
  • Standardising economic and financial metrics;
  • Quantifying costs (including agricultural opportunity costs) of woodland creation.
  • Quantifying returns on investment, including the societal distribution of returns, and accounting for any AES/rural development program payments; and
  • Preparing marginal abatement cost curves.

STSMs will develop best practice in estimating the cost and social effectiveness of W-for-W PES, and identify topics for further study. A training school will be held.

Leader: Alex Chikalanov (

Vice Leader: Paola Ovando Pol (

Working Group 3 workshop

Italy, March 2018


Presentation given by Cristian Accastello and Serge Garcia –

Approaches to quantify the cost-effectiveness of Forest for Water PES schemes, Preliminary results.

Presentation given by Julien Fiquepron

Cost-effectiveness of tree plantations for intake protection: a case study from Brittany, Preliminary results.