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Working Group 1

Working Group 1 (WG1): PES Design and Governance

WG1’s primary objective is to characterize and critically evaluate the governance models and design structure of W-for-W PES. It will examine:

  • service provision (supply);
  • policy drivers;
  • payments/markets (demand); and
  • types of governance.

It aims to identify organisational and policy arrangements that could increase the effectiveness of PES schemes and improve their governance. An institutional and governance analysis approach will be adopted. Findings will inform the work of WG2 and WG3 and feed directly into the User Manual. WG1 will evaluate European W-for-W PES through expert meetings and STSMs, which will compare and contrast institutional settings, governance structures, payment mechanisms, contracts and procedures, different actors’ roles and expectations, and institutional and actor interactions. Evaluations will also consider drivers, roles of national legislation and ‘green’ taxes in creating demand, property rights issues and quality assurance underpinning associated markets.

Leader: Paola Gatto (

Vice Leader: Alessandro Leonardi (