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Porto, Portugal – September 2018

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PESFOR-W Training School – Environmental effectiveness of woodland measures for reducing agricultural diffuse pollution to water – evidence, SWAT model and Decision Support Tools.

Held at CIBIO-InBIO, Rua Padre Armando Quintas, no 7, Campus Agrario Vairao, 4485-661, Vila do Conde, Portugal.

23-26 October 2018

List of participants

Training School Programme



Presentation by Paola Ovando –  Water economics, schemes and decision making tools and Cost-efficiency of woodland measures

Presentations by Tom NisbetWoodland for water measures and introduction to PESFOR-W Cost Action ; – Review of environmental effectiveness of woodland measures (T Nisbet, Ignacio Perez-Silos and Nikolina Baksic); – Spatial targeting of woodland measures, design and guidance 

Presentation by Kristina PotočkiHydrology – theory and general concepts; Freshwater and pollution – sources and pathways of diffuse water pollutants; – Hydrology and forests – approaches to modelling (statistical and process-based).

Presentation by Richard GoodayFARMSCOPER Tool

Presentations by Léonard Bernard-Jannin – Introduction to SWAT; –  QSWAT installation procedure ; – QSWAT application – Vez watershed ; –  Using models to understand contaminants transfer in hydrosystems

Cláudia Carvalho-Santos –  Calibration and validation in SWAT; – Assessing land cover and climate change impacts on hydrological services provision using SWAT: insights from three watersheds in Portugal