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Stavanger, Norway – July 2018

Fourth Full Meeting of PESFOR-W – Stavanger, Norway

Jæren Hotel, Solhøgda 3, 4340 Bryne, Stavanger, Norway

List of participants

Programme and MC agenda attached

Introductory presentation from Action Chair – Gregory Valatin

Presentation by Johan Barstad and Rhys Evans, HLB, Norway on PES Experience and Opportunities

Presentations by Takuya Takahashi, University of Shiga Prefecture) & Takashi Fujiwara (Forestry Economics Research Institute), Japan on Woodlands for Water and other PES Schemes in Japan.

Presentation by Arne Sæbø and Hans Martin Hanslin, NIBIO Særheim on Ecosystem services: Activities at Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)

Management Committee meeting, Stavanger, Norway

Minutes of meeting

Presentation from Action Chair