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Padova, Italy – March 2018

Third Full Meeting of PESFOR-W – Padova, Italy

Villa Revedin Bolasco, Castelfrano Veneto, Padova. 12-15 March 2018

List of participants

Programme and MC agenda attached

Introductory presentation from Action Chair, Gregory Valatin

TESAF Introductory presentation


Presentation by Peter Kristensen, European Environment Agency, on European water policy and the challenges of meeting WFD water quality targets (by Skype)

Presentation by Davide Pettenella, University of Padova on Woodlands for Water PES in Italy

Presentation by Roy Brouwer, Water Institute, University of Waterloo, Canada on The forWater NSERC Strategic Network and Woodlands for Water PES research at the University of Waterloo.

Presentation by Julien Fiquepron, Centre National de la Propriete Forestiere Institut pour le Developpement Forestier, Woodlands for drinking water: two success stories


Management Committee meeting, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

15 March 2018

Minutes of meeting

Presentation from Action Chair