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Albena, Bulgaria – September 2018

Fifth Full Meeting of PESFOR-W – Albena, Bulgaria

Flamingo Hotel, Albena, Bulgaria

List of Participants

Programme and MC agenda attached

Introductory presentation from Action Chair – Gregory Valatin

Presentation by Kossara Bozhilova-Kisheva and Silvia Ivanova, Black Sea Basin Directorate, Varna on Surface Water Control and Management, Assessment Indicators, Payments and Management Schemes.

Presentation by Yana Kirilova and Dochka Velkova, Economic Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on Cost-Effectiveness and Cost Benefit Analyses – Water Framework Directive and Flood Directive.

Presentation by Denista Pandeva, Executive Forest Agency on Forests and Water Resources in Bulgaria, Assessment of Ecosystem Services from Forests.

Presentation by Miglena Zhiyanski, Forest Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on Soil-related ecosystem services provided by natural, urban and peri-urban forest ecosystems – assessment and mapping.

Presentation by Alexandre Chikalanov and Mariyana Lyubenova, University of LS IT & SU, Sofia on Cost Effectiveness Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Services for Water Bodies Protection.

Presentation by Radoslav Radev, Balchik State Hunting Farm, Northeast State Enterprise on The system of protective forest belts in Dobrudja.

Presentation by Jordan Petrov, General Toshevo State Forestry Farm, Northeast State Enterprise on Forest Shelterbelts in Dobrudja.

Presentation by Daniela Todorova, Green Educational Centre, Shabla on Ecological education – the fundament for PES schemes involvement and sustainable development of regions.

Presentation by Galja Kamberova, Green Educational Centre, Ecosystem services of the wetlands in the municipality of Shabla.

Baltata managed reserve – handout provided

Presentation by Georgi Stefanov, WWF Bulgaria on Persina pilot: an example of market payments in support to wetland restoration.

Presentation by Georgi Stefanov, WWF Bulgaria on Rusenski Lom pilot.

Presentation by Margaret Shannon, Baldy Centre for Law and Social Policy, SUNY Buffalo Law School on Critical Transformational Deliberative Science: A critical element for PESFOR-W.


Management Committee meeting, Albena, Bulgaria

Minutes of meeting

Presentation from Action Chair