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A small patch of bare ground with a number of young trees that have recently been planted. The young trees are in tree guards.

This research used a systematic process to map the social science evidence around UK land managers’ willingness and ability to create woodland.

It provides a database of evidence sources, coded according to a range of factors, including land manager type, objectives, drivers, contexts, and type of woodland.

It offers a resource for anyone looking to quickly understand the evidence landscape relevant to different aspects of woodland creation and land managers, and to identify specific references.

Research objectives

  1. Gain a comprehensive overview of the evidence of the factors influencing landowners and managers’ willingness and ability to create woodland
  2. Create a tool that helps researchers and stakeholders navigate the evidence base and access the knowledge they need to address specific queries

Latest updates

We have developed an evidence summary in an online dashboard.

The dashboard provides visualisations and lists of some of the key data, quickly showing the evidence sources relevant to a variety of factors.

The evidence map data itself allows us to explore the evidence landscape in more detail (for instance, to identify evidence sources relating specifically to local authorities, or to tax and grants, or from a given year, and to combine these filters).

In 2024, we will update the dashboard to allow users to explore the evidence map more fully. For now, if you have questions that the evidence map may be able to help with, please get in touch.

We are shortly due to publish a research paper outlining the full methodology.

The evidence map was produced in March 2022 and will be updated on an annual basis.

Access the online dashboard.


Research paper – Describing the methodology and overview insights (In progress)

Funding & partners
  • sylva foundation logoSylva Foundation
  • university of oxfordSchool of Archaeology, University of Oxford
  • Logo for Oxford Systematic ReviewOxford Systematic Reviews LLP
  • Logo for oxford long term ecology laboratoryLong-Term Ecology Laboratory, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

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