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BioSoil project – soil component objectives

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BioSoil was a demonstration project, part of the programme of the International Cooperative Programme on the Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests). The project was a test for the development of operational soil monitoring at a large scale.

The following specific objectives were defined for the soil module of this project:

  • To establish an improved common European baseline of forest soils for environmental applications (e.g. acidification and/or eutrophication; C stock (because sink/source will be difficult to quantify with the monitoring data) assessment, impacts of climatic changes.
  • To finalise the common European methodology for forest soil monitoring on the basis of the ICP Forests and other relevant guidelines:ICP manual on methods and criteria for harmonised sampling, assessment, monitoring and analysis of the effects of air pollution on forests soils (link to external webpage)
  • To upgrade the quality of the existing forest soil database (e.g. according to recent manual, complete the database for available information, including soil profile descriptions, chemistry of deeper soil layers, method codes, data base structure).
  • To quantify spatial variability on the basis of information available and supplementary field experiments.
  • To detect and explain temporal changes in forest soils.
  • To improve the actual evaluation concepts, in specific by more advanced statistical analysis procedures including estimation of uncertainties
  • To evaluate the applicability of the methodology adopted by the European forest soil monitoring programme before setting up the monitoring for other land use types
  • To improve the existing quality assurance/quality control strategy for European forest soil condition survey.
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