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Focus on Hymenoscyphus fraxineus

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This multi-partner EU project POnTE is exploring the genetics, biology, epidemiology, vector ecology and economic impacts of four pathosystems that threatens strategic crops and forestry in the EU including the highly invasive ash dieback pathogen Hymeonscyphus fraxineus.


Research objectives

The aim is to gain a greater understanding about the impact and possible mitigation of the ash dieback pathogen H. fraxineus as it impacts on ash populations across Europe.

Specific objectives include:

Findings and Recommendations

The project is in its early stages and no results are yet available.

Latest updates

POnTE started the 1st of November 2015 and will run for 48 months.

Funders and partners

This project is funded jointly through Horizon 2020 and the Forestry Commission as part of the research programme Understanding Threats to Resilience

The research is in line with support to government policies of sustainable forest management as laid out in The UK Forestry Standard and its supporting series of Guidelines.

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Focus on emerging Phytophthoras
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Focus on emerging Phytophthoras
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