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These short film clips show how climate change might affect Scotland’s forests, and give guidance on how to increase resilience to climate change threats.

This project was funded by ClimateXChange, the Scottish Government’s centre of expertise on climate change, through Heriot-Watt University in 2013.

The resources mentioned in the videos, are available through Forest Research’s Tools to support forest management decisions.

If you are having trouble viewing the videos below you can view the videos on our Vimeo channel.

Forestry and climate change overview

Jo Ellis, of Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS), describes how we can increase the resilience of Scotland’s forests to climate change.

Extreme Weather

John Hair, Planning Manager for Forestry Commission Scotland, tells us how climate change could affect the occurrence of extreme weather events, and how we can create resilience to changing weather in Scotland’s forests.


Katy Anderson, Habitats Manager for Forestry Commission Scotland, describes how they are restoring habitats at the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park to increase biodiversity and create resilience to climate change.

Pests and diseases

Roger Moore, Entomologist at Forest Research (FR), explains how climate change might affect the vulnerability of our forests to pests and diseases, and how we can manage our forests to increase resilience.

Forestry in a changing and uncertain climate

Bill Mason, Senior Silviculturist at FR, describes how we can manage Scotland’s forests in a changing and uncertain climate.

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