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    [Archive] British softwoods: properties and uses

    Lead Author: T. Harding
    This Bulletin provides the information for specifiers and users to make maximum use of the increasing British resource of softwoods. Its main purpose is to establish the link between requirements for current and potential end-uses and the properties and performance of these commercially important timbers. A guide to the properties of the individual species is […]
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    [Archive] Rhododendron ponticum as a forest weed

    Lead Author: P.M. Tabbush
    Rhododendron ponticum is an evergreen shrub which forms dense thickets up to 5 metres in height. The large purple blooms appear in spring and are an attractive sight which has become commonplace especially on forested slopes in the west of the British Isles. Foresters are familiar with it as a most intractable weed, indeed control […]
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    [Archive] The management of red deer in upland forests

    Lead Author: P.R. Ratcliffe
    This Bulletin is primarily concerned with the management of resident populations of red deer in commercial forests, and gives practical prescriptions for deer management based upon sound data collection and scientific method. All such prescriptions must be aimed at particular, well-defined deer populations occupying discrete ranges. There is an important emphasis throughout upon predictive management, […]
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    [Archive] Predicting the productivity of sitka spruce on upland sites in northern Britain

    Lead Author: R. Worrell
    The research described in this Bulletin integrates the main environmental factors influencing the growth of Sitka spruce at high elevations in order to estimate future yield class.
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    [Archive] Air pollution and forestry

    Lead Author: J.L. Innes
    The aim of this Bulletin is to summarise the current information available on the interactions between air pollution and forests. While it is primarily concerned with Great Britain, air pollution is an international problem, so information from other countries has been included. Pollution from point sources, such as aluminium smelters and brickworks, has not been […]
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    [Archive] Beech bark disease

    Lead Author: D. Lonsdale
    Beech bark disease is considered to be the most serious disease affecting British beech, although its severity varies geographically and temporally. Early records indicate that the disease was first observed at least 150 years ago, but must certainly have been affecting trees from a much earlier date. The insect and fungus both occur over much […]
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    [Archive] Price-size curves for conifers

    Lead Author: D.C. Mitlin
    This Bulletin describes the development of the long-term price assumptions used by the Forestry Commission for estimating future timber revenues.
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    [Archive] Forest Health Surveys 1987 Part 1: Results

    Lead Author: J.L. Innes
    An annual forest health survey has been conducted in Great Britain since 1984 (Binns et al., 1985, 1986; Innes el al., 1986). From the outset, the survey has been designed to determine both the extent of any deterioration in crown condition and, if possible, its causes. Over the years a number of changes have been […]
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    [Archive] Choice of seed origins for the main forest species in Britain

    Lead Author: R. Lines
    Choice of seed origin can be a very critical stage in forest management, in some cases resulting either in flourishing plantations or else in complete failure. This Bulletin is directed at both manager and researchers. The former are succinctly guided to appropriate seed origins for their site conditions and objectives, and equally importantly warned off […]
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    [Archive] Population biology and control of the pine beauty moth

    Lead Author: S.R. Leather
    This Bulletin presents the papers which were given at a workshop held at the end of 1984 to bring together a wide range of researchers, within and outwith the Forestry Commission, working on problems presented by the new and sudden occurrence in the late 1970s of large scale and severe outbreaks of the Pine beauty […]
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    [Archive] The yield of sweet chestnut coppice

    Lead Author: T.J.D. Rollinson
    This Bulletin reports on coppice growth and yield in relation to site and various stand characteristics and shows how volume or weight per hectare may be predicted from very simple measurements.
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    [Archive] Census of woodland and trees 1979-82

    Lead Author: G.M.L. Locke
    This Bulletin describes the survey methods adopted for the census of woodlands and trees carried out between 1979 and 1982, discusses the main results of the investigation, and compares them with those of past surveys. It supplements the area and volume results which have already been published for counties and Conservancies in England and Wales, […]
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    [Archive] Advances in practical arboriculture

    Lead Author: D. Patch (Ed)
    This Bulletin presents the proceedings of a seminar held at the University of York, 10-12 April 1985, by the Forestry Commission and the Arboricultural Association.
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    [Archive] Forestry Practice (10th edition)

    Lead Author: B. G. Hibberd
    A summary of methods of establishing, maintaining and harvesting forest crops with advice on planning and other management considerations for owners, agents and foresters.
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    [Archive] Technology transfer in forestry

    Lead Author: G.H. Moeller (Ed)
    This Bulletin contains papers presented at the second Subject Group meeting held at Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, 25 July-1 August 1983. The need for efficient transfer of new forestry knowledge is critical throughout all the various IUFRO Subject Groups. Group S6.08 serves as a clearing-house for ideas related to procedures, processes and methods for application […]
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    [Archive] Silviculture of broadleaved woodland

    Lead Author: J. Evans
    The object of this Bulletin is to assist all who are concerned with the management or cultivation of broadleaves. Much practical silvicultural advice is included and many recommendations are made with the main emphasis on the silvicultural techniques used to grow good quality timber. But broadleaved woodlands are important for much more than timber production […]
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    [Archive] Research on Dutch elm disease in Europe

    Lead Author: D.A. Burdekin (Ed)
    This Bulletin contains the proccedings of the European Economic Community Research Seminar, Guernsey, Channel Islands, 30th March — 1st April 1982. The papers summarise the results of recent research undertaken by scientists from six members of the European Community.
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    [Archive] Seed manual for ornamental trees and shrubs

    Lead Author: A.G. Gordon
    The aims of this manual are two-fold. Firstly it presents the practical plant propagator with all the relevant information he needs to ensure reliable production from seed of the more commonly grown ornamental broadleaved species. It includes the latest results of the Forestry Commission’s own work and summarises existing in formation gleaned from experienced nurserymen […]