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[Archive] A systems approach to forest operations planning and control

Lead Author: M.A. Pritchard (Ed)

Home publication [Archive] A systems approach to forest operations planning and control

Computer-based systems are now commonplace in most forestry operating environments. One of the inherent features of forestry everywhere is the amount of data collected over long periods of time. Information technology has made the storage and analysis of these data a cost effective reality. Never before has the forest manager been better placed to call upon these data, analyse them and turn them into meaningful information. Furthermore, the opportunities for testing the likely effects of different courses of action are now extensive. This analysis and interpretation, coupled with an understanding of past events, is an essential prerequisite of good forest planning. As the major body linking forest scientists, IUFRO provides the ideal forum for exchanging information and stimulating new ideas and concepts. This Bulletin is a record of the exchanges shared by forest scientists within IUFRO at the symposium held in Edinburgh in July 1988.


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