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    [Archive] The impact of Government intervention on private forest management in England and Wales

    Lead Author: J.A. Johnson
    This report presents the results of an enquiry into the influence of taxation and subsidies in forestry on the management of private woodlands in England and Wales. The aim of the study has been to clarify the critical elements in the management decisions of private woodland owners. The main feature distinguishing this study from others […]
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    [Archive] Poplars for wood production and amenity

    Lead Author: J. Jobling
    The eleven chapters comprising this Bulletin cover the botany, cultivation, performances and utilisation of poplars and poplar timber. The genus Populus comprises some 32 species classified according to their botanical characters into five sections and one sub-section. Of these, the sections Aigeiros (the black poplars) and Tacamahaca (the balsam poplars) are of commercial significance to […]
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    [Archive] Forest employment survey 1988 – 1989

    Lead Author: Jean Thompson
    This survey covers employment in the Forestry Commission, the private sector and primary wood processing. It enumerates both direct labour and contractors, counting part-time and contract employment as the actual time worked and expressing the total as whole-job equivalents. It includes employees and the self-employed, between whom no distinction is made.
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    [Archive] Trends in forestry research 1982-1988

    Lead Author: D.A. Burdekin
    Increasing interest in forestry in Britain has followed the search for alternative land uses to agriculture and the growing importance of conservation. Research requirements have adapted to this new situation. This Occasional Paper looks at recent trends and seeks to ask whether resources are reasonably matched to requirements. At least seven public agencies are engaged […]
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    [Archive] Evaluation of forestry research

    Lead Author: A. J. Grayson
    The subject of evaluation is important to research managers generally and especially to those concerned with the formulation and direction of programmes. Evaluation is normally impracticable at the programme level; instead attention must be concentrated at the level of the project. The purposes served by such evaluation are three: to increase the awareness of research […]
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    [Archive] Evaluation of the contribution of forestry to economic development

    Lead Author: A.J. Grayson (Ed)
    At the Fifteenth Congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (I.U.F.R.O.) held at Gainesville, Florida in March 1970, a Working Party was set up to consider methods of evaluating the contribution of Forestry to economic development. This Bulletin contains the papers presented at the meeting of this Working Party together with a report […]
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    [Archive] Forest products in the united kingdom economy

    Lead Author: B.G. Jackson
    The study represents the boldest attempt so far made in Britain to create a model of the two activities of wood-producing and primary processing of wood. On the basis of specified assumptions about future costs, interest rates, prices and demands for forest products, the author presents the results of linear programming solutions specifying rates of […]
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    [Archive] Forest of Dean day visitor survey

    Lead Author: Robert J. Colenutt
    This report is a description and assessment of research into the use of the Forest of D ean by day visitors.The central theme of the study is the prediction of recreational use. Dr R.J. Colenutt and local Forestry Commission staff carried out a survey of day visitors to the Forest of Dean during the summer […]
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    [Archive] Operational research and the managerial economics of forestry

    Lead Author: P.A. Wardle (Ed)
    At the Fourteenth Congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations held in Munich in September, 1967 a Working Group was set up in the Economics Section, Section 31, to consider the contribution of operational research to studies in the field of the managerial economics of forestry. In September, 1970, members of this working […]
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    [Archive] Timber! Your growing investment

    Lead Author: Herbert L. Edlin
    This Booklet contains a short account of the Commission’s achievements in the last fifty years, from 1919 until 1969.
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    [Archive] The use of land for forestry within the proprietary land unit

    Lead Author: D.C. Nicholls
    This Bulletin presents the results of an enquiry by Dr. D. C. Nicholls into the factors that influence the use of land for forestry on private estates in England and Wales.
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    [Archive] Public recreation in national forests: a factual study

    Lead Author: W.E.S. Mutch
    This Booklet presents the results of investigations during 1963 and 1964 into the demand by the public for the recreational use of some national forests in England and Scotland. The research was intended principally as a methodological study, and it forms part of a wider investigation into the multiple use of forests in Britain.