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    Lifestyle, identity and young people’s experiences of mountain biking

    Lead Author: Katherine King
    This Research Note summarises in-depth research conducted with young people as part of the Active England project at Bedgebury Forest, Kent.
  • Publications

    Climate change: impacts and adaptation in England’s woodlands

    Lead Author: Duncan Ray
    The changing climate presents a challenge for forest planning and forest management in England because the projected increases in temperature, changes in the seasonality of rainfall, and an increased frequency of extreme events add complexity to species selection and silvicultural practice. By actively adjusting forest management now, to anticipate future changes, we can hope to […]
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    Restoring afforested peat bogs: results of current research

    Lead Author: Russell Anderson
    The value of peat bogs as open habitats and stores of carbon may be lost if they are planted with trees. The number of bogs being restored is increasing but still modest in scale relative to the area of afforested peatland. Research is currently being carried out to determine the feasibility and methodology for restoring […]
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    Developing methods for assessing Scots pine timber quality

    Lead Author: Elspeth Macdonald
    Timber production from Scots pine forests in Great Britain is forecast to increase over the next 15 years. This Research Note presents the results of a project to develop and test methods for assessing the quality of Scots pine timber from measurements on trees and logs. Six stands of Scots pine growing in the north […]
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    Potential impacts of drought and disease on forestry in Scotland

    Lead Author: Sarah Green
    This study identified 288 medium or high drought risk forest sites in eastern Scotland, 125 of which include Sitka spruce as a major component. Sitka spruce is intolerant of drought and is known to have previously experienced drought damage such as tree mortality and stem cracking in eastern Scotland. Cases of direct drought damage, together […]
  • Publications

    The economic and social contribution of forestry for people in Scotland

    Lead Author: David Edwards
    This Research Note summarises the results of a two-year valuation of the current social and economic contribution of forestry, forests and woodlands to the people of Scotland.
  • Publications

    Benefits of improved Sitka spruce: volume and quality of timber

    Lead Author: Shaun Mochan
    The increase in timber volume gained from planting improved Sitka spruce stock has been estimated to be between 21% and 29% at the end of a rotation. This Research Note presents the results of new research designed to investigate the impact of improved Sitka spruce stock on quality characteristics which determine the quantity of green […]
  • Publications

    Impacts of climate change on forestry in Wales

    Lead Author: Duncan Ray
    Climate change is now one of the greatest global challenges, and research is under way to establish the likely impacts on many aspects of the environment. Forestry Commission Wales has commissioned Forest Research to determine how forests and forestry in Wales will be affected by climate change. This Research Note provides an initial synopsis of […]
  • Publications

    The Environmental Change Network at Alice Holt Research Forest

    Lead Author: Suzanne Benham
    The Environmental Change Network (ECN) was established in 1992 to provide a framework for monitoring the effects of a range of environmental drivers on freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. The Alice Holt ECN site represents the Forestry Commission’s commitment to this long-term collaborative programme. This Research Note reviews data collected at the Alice Holt site over […]
  • Publications

    Red band needle blight of conifers in Britain

    Lead Author: Anna Brown
    Red band needle blight is an economically important disease affecting a number of coniferous trees, in particular pines. The disease has a world-wide distribution but until recently it was mainly of concern in the southern hemisphere. In much of the world, including Britain, it is caused by the fungus Dothistroma septosporum. Red band needle blight […]
  • Publications

    Impacts of climate change on forestry in Scotland – a synopsis of spatial modelling research

    Lead Author: Duncan Ray
    This Research Note provides an initial synopsis of the likely impacts, with preliminary recommendations to support development of a climate change action plan for forestry in Scotland.