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  • Publications

    The identification of soils for forest management

    Lead Author: Fiona Kennedy
    The aim of this Field Guide is to assist forestry practitioners in making responsible management decisions by providing them with a way to identify soil quickly. This is done via a series of keys aimed at those with little or no experience of soil classification.
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    [Archive] Cultivation of soils for forestry

    Lead Author: D. B. Paterson
    This Bulletin describes how foresters can use cultivation to provide a favourable site for tree survival and growth. A guiding principle is to work within the limitations of the site and to appreciate the effects of cultivation upon the microsite and the wider forest environment. The wide range of cultivation techniques now available means that […]
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    Report on Forest Research for the year ended March, 1960

    Lead Author: Forestry Commission
    The report of Forest Research for the year ending March 1959. The report includesIntroductionSummary of the year’s workPart i Reports of work carried out by Forestry Commission research staff-Forest tree seed investigations -Nursery investigations -Silvicultural investigations in the forest: (a) south and central England and Wales (b) Scotland and northern England-Provenance studies -Poplars and elms […]
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    [Archive] Mull and mor formation in relation to forest soils

    Lead Author: W.R.C. Handley
    This bulletin presents the results of researches carried out at the Imperial Forestry Institute, Oxford, between 1948 and 1953. It deals with the processes that go on when organic material decays in the soil.