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A previously rare fungus known as Curreya pithyophila is now infesting shoots and branches of Scots pine in an apparently symbiotic association with the native adelgid species, Pineus pini. So...

The factsheets provide concise summaries of information from scientific research and are aimed at practitioners, individuals and organisations who want to understand more about trees, forests and climate change.

As part of National Plant Health Week in May, Check a Sweet Chestnut was launched. This is a collaboration between the RHS, Defra, APHA, Forest Research and Observatree looking to...
25% of the total enquiries reported through the new look TreeAlert, launched in March, have been submitted via the Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) reporting line. However not all of the...
Following a significant investment by Defra, much of the TreeAlert system has been rebuilt. TreeAlert has been given a new look with responsive web design, adapting to mobile devices to...
Chris Quine has recently been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. To celebrate this achievement, Chris spoke to us about what this recognition means to him.  He...

Toni, Forest Research statistician, explains how she is using her analysis skills to make a positive impact for our natural world.

My name is Ainoa and I am a soil ecologist at Forest Research. I have been in this role for a few months, having previously worked in the entomology department.

Looking to make your woodland resilient to climate change?  Take a look at Forest Research’s new Climate Change Hub – a comprehensive online resource that centralises and distils climate change adaptation advice for forest and woodland owners and managers in the UK.

Lee Cooper, was presented with his medal at Windsor in November by King Charles – the first occasion of him bestowing these medals as King.

Trees planted outside woodlands are worth over £3.8 billion, groundbreaking research published by Forest Research and Defra reveals.


Forest Research-led mapping reveals extent of damage from 2021’s winter storms as woodland owners are encouraged to plant and manage more diverse and resilient forests of varying ages and species in the face of climate change.