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The Third World Conference on Forests for Public Health explores forests, green spaces, and human health.

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It will discuss the importance of forests, city forests, parks and other green spaces being incorporated into international organisations policies and goals, and into national public health systems, policies, and practices for a healthy and sustainable society.

During the conference Forest Research scientists will give four presentations:

The Importance Of Trees, Woods And Forests For Well-Being: Evidence From England, Clare Hall.

Valuing Natural Capital Benefits of Trees and Woodlands for Mental Health: Avoided Costs in the United Kingdom. Vadim Saraev. More about this work.

Engagement With Nature During Covid-19: The Importance For Wellbeing. Liz O’Brien. More about this work.

Valuation Of A Physical Activity Programme In Forests In England: Impacts And Lessons Learnt. Liz O’Brien. More about this work.

Further information including the full programme.

Event details

Sherbrooke, Canada
Wednesday 4 October 2023
Saturday 7 October 2023